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Close all kinds of "thank you" without the distraction. Using advanced AI the app shows 99.9% accuracy. Help your team stay focused!

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Why do I need this app?

You know those "thanks" messages customers send after a ticket's solved? Yeah, they're nice, but they reopen the ticket. An agent gotta check and close it again. Small task, sure, but thousands of them? That's a bunch of time and cost you just don't need!

What will I get?

You will empower your agents by letting them focus on more important tickets.
Thank You GPT identifies non-actionable tickets and resolves them automatically.
With millions of tests and advanced AI, we reached 99.9% accuracy, in identifying exactly which messages are only "thank you" in all wordings and languages.

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What do users already love about Thank You GPT?

“...Our team is so happy. It's so nice to have a few extra minutes for tasks that are actually important and not have to worry about replying with "thanks" or "thank you" hundreds of times a day…”


Yael Kompano, Head of Customer Support

"Great app, closed 80 tickets in 3 minutes for us once enabled - so helpful! Great support from Tamir to get it up and running. Worked a treat!"


Gareth Southern, Head of People Services

"I love the thank you app. It really helped us solve tickets much more efficiently. It allowed our agents to spend their time addressing important tasks instead of replying back to all the thank you messages they were receiving."

Small Love (Ahava Ktana)

Israel Levin, CEO

“…As a business handling a substantial volume of customer tickets each month, we found that the time spent reopening and closing tickets due to simple "thank you" responses were more than necessary…”


Hen, FinitiOne

"...After the upgrade with the ChatGPT, the app works great! It detects various types of responses, including those with signatures and other complexities, and solves them correctly…”


Sagiv, Deepoptics

Why is it for me?

Thank You GPT is an ideal solution for any business that wants to stop wasting time on non-actionable tickets.
Best for desks dealing with upwards of 1,000 customer tickets per month.

Look at these stats:


Accuracy in identifying "thank you" messages with powerful AI.

5 Sec

Every 5 seconds a ticket is solved by Thank You GPT


Average of reopened tickets solved automatically with Thank You GPT.

5 Stars

Rating by hundreds of satisfied customers.

YOU Can Make a Change

Cody Fisher


Your Customer

Faster response times.

Jacob Jones


Your Agent

Fewer frustrating, repetitive tasks to clear.

Annette Black


Your Business

Better and faster service, with lower cost.

And there are even more features:


Use GPT-4 and advanced AI to correctly interpret all types and wordings of "thank you" messages in all languages and resolve those tickets automatically.


Now it's easier to build a strong relationship with delighted customers. The app tags your excited "thank you" responses and helps you connect with your delighted customers. Potentially you can ask for reviews and testimonials, boost your online presence, and build a strong partnership with them.


We know that customer satisfaction is top of mind for you, but what happens when a customer isn't happy with the solution provided? The Thank You GPT app will tag them, allowing you to trigger your escalation workflows and help you solve the problem while there's still time!

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How can I trust the app?

The Thank You GPT App:

Runs in AWS data centers that have been certified as ISO 27001, PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1, and/or SOC 2 compliant. Learn more about AWS security here

Uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI to securely analyze your thank you messages. Your inputs are never available to ChatGPT/OpenAI, never shared with other customers and are never used for training purposes. Learn more about Azure OpenAI security here.

Guarantees safe and secure payments, powered by Stripe

Ensures that after processing, your customer's data is immediately deleted.

Ensures network communication is secured with TLS version 1.2 and 1.3 using AES 256 encryption.

How does it work?

The Thank You GPT App:

Reviews all reopened tickets from customers.

Uses GPT-4 and advanced AI to correctly interpret all types and wordings of “thank you” messages, in all languages.

Accurately checks if the messages contain only “thank you” responses.

If there are any additional requests or comments in the message —The Thank You GPT app leaves the ticket open for an agent to handle.

If the response contains only a thank you message, the app resolves the ticket automatically.

Optional: The app sends a message back to the customer.

Every 5 Seconds a Ticket is Solved by Thank You GPT

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